Sunday, September 4, 2011

Skiing and Snowboarding

I just saw this website called Skier Supremacy. I just figured I'd put in my two cents and do a little rant.
This isn't the fuckin' 90s anymore guys, seriously. I thought we've moved past hating each other, and moved on to sharing the slopes. Guess not. I never give skiers hassle but they always seem to hassle me? Maybe you're the ones being childish. Yeah you've got your Skier only mountains, and no snowboarders are allowed? Sounds a bit selfish doesn't it? I never see ANY snowboarders being rude to any skiers. They usually just stop to admire the steezyness of skiing. Cause I will admit, skiing is steezy as fuck. But really, if you're a skier and you're not an asshole (i know a few) thank you. Because I'm sick and tired of asshole skiers. Thank you and GOOD FUCKIN' NIGHT.