Sunday, September 4, 2011

Skiing and Snowboarding

I just saw this website called Skier Supremacy. I just figured I'd put in my two cents and do a little rant.
This isn't the fuckin' 90s anymore guys, seriously. I thought we've moved past hating each other, and moved on to sharing the slopes. Guess not. I never give skiers hassle but they always seem to hassle me? Maybe you're the ones being childish. Yeah you've got your Skier only mountains, and no snowboarders are allowed? Sounds a bit selfish doesn't it? I never see ANY snowboarders being rude to any skiers. They usually just stop to admire the steezyness of skiing. Cause I will admit, skiing is steezy as fuck. But really, if you're a skier and you're not an asshole (i know a few) thank you. Because I'm sick and tired of asshole skiers. Thank you and GOOD FUCKIN' NIGHT.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Burton Blunt

So, a bit off topic, but I thought i'd share a quick little thing. I love snowboarding. And I'm getting a new snowboard this year. It's called the "Blunt" by Burton. It's got special edition restricted graphics on it. It's hotttttt :D

That's the beautiful baby right there

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Assholes that sue left and right

So I was thinkin' about this today while drinking some coffee from Dunkin' Donuts. I hate assholes that sue everyone left and right for their own mistakes. It's retarded honestly. Like, that little cardboard thing that keeps your coffee from burning you, that's there because of a lawsuit. I hate the fact that someone was so stupid that they didn't think the coffee was going to be hot (even though they could feel it through the cup). They scalded themselves and took DD to court even though that it was not DD's fault whatsoever, but it was just their stupid fault for putting the cup between their legs in the first place. God damn. But that's not the worst. The worst is the people that do this on purpose, who trip on a McDonalds sidewalk and sue them for that, and they do this because they don't want to work, but want free money. Maybe this is why every country in the fuckin world hates us? If anyone from other countries is reading this, trust me we aren't all this selfish, it's just the fucktards.
Stay Gold everyone.

Not ranting at the moment.

So here I am, sitting in bed at 4 AM in my boxers, listenin' to toes by the Zac Brown Band. And I love my life. I went to the fair earlier with my best friend, met up with a girl who I was going to maybe hook up with, it didn't happen, so we left her. We walked around a bit, talked to some people, had fun, then we decided to split and just drive for a bit. We drove for about an hour and a half, just driving and talking and I gotta say it was the best fuckin' night I've had in so long. And I loved it. So if any of you are having a shitty day, or you need something to cheer you up, go out and hang out with your best friend. It's a pretty fun time. We joked around, laughed, drank monsters and ate gas station boneless rib sandwhichs. God damn, I wish I could do this every day. Expect a few posts soon, I start school Monday so goodluck, all that bullshit, ADIOS FOR NOW WORLD! <3

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Another update

So I've been in maine for about half a week now, and I just wanted to tell you guys I will be starting ranting in a day or two. Expect a rant about politics or something of the like. Well I'm out for now. Remember, Stay Gold.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


So just a little update: I'm not dead, don't worry. Unfortunatly I just havn't been able to think of anything to rant about. If you have any suggestions, please post them in the comments and I'll be sure to get to as many of them as I can! Thank you guys!
And remember: Stay Gold.

Monday, August 15, 2011


Requested by Ruben
The friendzone. ahhhh, a terrible place. A place of sadness, a place of mockery, and a place of an unimaginable number of best friend hugs, that you wont ever get past. I'm in about 20 or 30 friend zones, with numerable girls. Let me tell you my story before I rant about the friendzone. Back in middle school, I asked out a few girls, got friendzoned, and moved on. Same with freshmen year. I brushed off most of the girls that I have friendzoned, except for a few. Now, I've started to work out, be more attractive, etc, and it's somewhat working. These girls are sort of flirting with me now. Well one of them is, because the other two have boyfriends, but still. I'm currently trying to get oout of the friendzone with the single girl, so I'm not sure how that'll go.

Moving on. The friendzone: relationship hell, a place you never want to be. The timeline goes something like this; You start talking to girl. You and her become friends. Talk to friends about it, they convince you to ask said girl out. You do this. Rejects you (without giving you a fucking chance). Week or two (maybe more) of sadness. "Can we still be friends?" of course we can. You think this is good because you'll be able to get out of the friendzone. WRONG. You end up listening to her talking about guys every hour of the day, complaining about how they're all douchebags and how there are no nice guys anymore (hey bitch look who you're talking to), and then you comfort her, she stays single for a while, always talking to you, you think things are looking up because you always talk and she gives you a lot of hugs and says she loves you all the time, then bam, another douchebag comes along and steals her heart. Well that's basically it. Almost impossible to get out of (unless shes a whore) and it sucks. Many of you know what I'm talking about and a select few don't. Chances are we've all been friendzoned at one point, so you know what you should do? Do what I do. If you're scrawny, work out (I havn't built muscle yet but I'm working on it) if you're not a flirt, start flirting, and so on. Just improve your overall attractiveness, and that doesn't just mean looks. Take up a sport, do something interesting. I fly planes, bitches love that. I snowboard (i'm cold blooded so I do it shortsleeved) bitches love that too. I've gotten most girls numbers snowboarding because I sing on the ski lift and wear short sleeve shirts. Common guys you can do it. Just try it.
Remember: Stay Gold.