Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Religous people.

Religious people piss me off. I'm talking the type of people who take their beliefs and shove them down your throat like a fat kid shoves cake down his throat. I was talking to a religious person (my friends girlfriend's mom) and she's not the type that shoves her beliefs down peoples throats. I actually had a good conversation with her and she agrees with me. But anyways, back to the real subject. I recently decided I am Agnostic because I am the type of person (mentioned before in one of my posts) who likes to see all the facts before making a decision. I feel the humanity hasn't had all the information to make this type of decision. And It pisses me off that people will be so ignorant and continue to shove their views down my throat like they know whats up, like they've met "God" before or they've disproven the exsistence already. And if you can show me substantial proof then I'll change my mind, but until then, don't shove your views in my face. I really can't think of anything to talk about on this topic but if you have anything to add, you know where to type!

Also on a side note, a fellow blogger that I followed, mentioned that I should watch the movie Source Code. I did. I loved it. Thank you Sinclair.

Remember everyone; Stay Gold.


  1. following now; there are just too many things here i agree with. thanks for the post, keep at it!

  2. Great blog +follow totaly tru the txt

  3. Hah. Religious people, a lot of times, skip right past common sense in order to follow what another person said God said to do. Great points made. :)